Toimivat Seniorit ry
Viherlaaksonranta 10 A 15, 02710 Espoo, Finland

Active Seniors Association presents a new type of social organization functioning in a housing company Säästökehä, Espoo. Säästökehä has in 90 flats 157 residents, of which 57 are seniors. The housing company has a creation center Pilvilinna, group meeting facilities, sauna on the lake + rowboat, tennis court, fitness room and carpentry workshop.

main objective is to serve its residents so that everybody regardless of age and health can live and act in their homes til the end as responsible citizens participating actively in the society. The members cooperate with public and private sectors trying to raise the standards of services needed in everyday life activities as shopping, cooking, cleaning, entertaining visitorsin health and well being as physical exercises, massage, diet, first aid. securityin housing as reconstruction, prepares, communication systems, recycling, ict-services,    learning services, care services in creative independence as participation in organizations and clubs at home housing company, theatre, art and music activities, library services


In order to have the needed services Active Seniors Association has an active list of local companies and enterprises ready to serve economically them when needed. The organization is anxious to cooperate with similar associations and would like to have answers to the following questions:

-        what is the situation of senior legal and traditional situations in your country?  How the social structural changes and overall situation has changed their status. Who lives well, who doesn’t? Statistics about economic standing
marginalization, housing solutions and service structures,
-        what kind of new, structural solutions there are?  Public and private service houses? Their costs for the clients? Who can access them? Who are marginalized?
-        how the private enterprises come to meet the needs of the senior citizens? What kind of services? For what cost? What kind of discounts are available? To whom?
-        possible new inventions and their profiles and contact addresses?
Pirkko Liikanen pirkko.liikanen(at)

Active Seniors Association./
Toimivat Seniorit ry
Viherlaaksonranta 10 A 15
02710 Espoo